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What is bolero? Delicious, handy and sugar free! 1 Bolero drinks are available in 58 flavours,is for everyone, from young to old. Bolero is gluten- and sugar-free, low in calories, lactose-free, contains natural colorants and no preservatives. 2 Bolero sticks, a format for on the go; So small that you can easily put it in your pocket, yet good for at least 500ml of tasty drink. 3 Bolero Classic format is for home use; Easy to store and yields between 1.5 to 2.5 liters per sachet. And for large consumers, we have the XL format; Good for at least 20 liters of Bolero.





INGREDIENTS: ACIDS: CITRIC ACID, MALIC ACID; BULKING AGENT: MALTODEXTRINE; FLAVOURINGS; NATURAL FLAVOURINGS; SWEETENERS: ACESULFAME K, SUCRALOSE, STEVIOL GLYCOSIDES (STEVIA EXTRACTS); ACIDITY REGULATOR: TRISODIUM CITRATE; ANTI-CAKING AGENT: TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE; THICKENERS: GUAR GUM, GUM ACACIA; L-ASCORBIC ACID (VITAMIN C); COLOUR: COLOURING CONCENTRATE FROM CARROT. NUTRITION INFORMATION: AMOUNT PER 100 ML ENERGY 5 kJ / 1 kcal FAT 0 G OF WHICH SATURATES 0 G CARBOHYDRATE 0 G OF WHICH SUGARS 0 G PROTEIN 0 G SALT 0 G VITAMIN C 8 mg(10%*) BEST BEFORE MARKED AT TOP OF SACHET NET QUANTITY 9g℮ / 0.317 oz * % of the Daily Reference Intake (DRI) DID YOU KNOW? Bolero Drinks are sugar free Bolero Drinks are very affordable and is a brand with wide range of 59 flavours currently Bolero Drinks can be prepared with soda/sparkling water or tap water Bolero Drinks are low in calories You could make up to 2 liters of Bolero Drink with one sachet depending on your taste(*BOLERO ENERGY 250ml and BOLERO STICKS 500ml) Bolero Drinks are a great tasting healthy choice Bolero Drinks are conveniently packed so you can take them along anywhere you go, to your work(out), on vacation and so on Bolero Drinks can also be used in your favourite recipes like desserts, shakes, smoothies, ice creams, cakes, muffin, frostings and so on With Bolero Drinks you can create an endless different flavours by combining two or more flavours like Orange and Peach or Lemon and Cola Bolero Drinks are currently being sold in more than 70 countries (In The Netherlands since 2006)
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