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Barrons Supplements is a one stop shop dedicated to bringing you the best and widest possible choice of healthy nutritious food along with the latest and greatest in sports nutrition and supplements.

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Barrons Supplements team up with GOGYM Limerick for the launch of GOGYM Limerick

Barrons Supplements team up with GOGYM Limerick for the launch of GOGYM Limerick

Choose Barron's Supplements for Supplements Ireland

If you are looking for the most comprehensive range of the best sports nutrition supplements and foods, your search is over. At Barron's Supplements, we are fully stocked in the very latest and best range of supplements Ireland, including products from leading brands in nutritional supplements, including Fulfil Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, MyProtein, Barebells, Grenade. If you are looking for the best and most reliable supplements, you will find them at Barron's Supplements.

Barron's Supplements: the One-Stop Shop for Sports Supplements Ireland

Barron's Supplements is dedicated to giving our customers the most comprehensive choice of sports supplements Ireland and healthy, nutritious food for an active lifestyle. We are a one-stop shop for all of your supplements Ireland needs, where any customer will benefit from our dedication to quality, and commitment to providing the highest standard of customer service.

Provider of Sports Supplements throughout Ireland & the UK

Situated in the award-winning Barron's Raheen Deli in Limerick, Barron's Supplements is an Irish owned and operated company that has grown swiftly to become the largest dedicated sports nutrition store in Limerick city, and renowned through Ireland and the UK for providing the leading supplements brands at unbelievably low prices. Barron's Raheen Deli is a winner of the National Q Mark Award for hygiene and food safety, and Barron's Supplements works to maintain these standards of excellence and customer service to its customers nationally and overseas.

Get the leading Sports Supplements Ireland brands at Barron's Supplements

Barron's Supplements is a relatively new sports nutrition business, but it has become one of the leading dedicated sources of the best sports nutrition product and supplements in its native Limerick city in a very short space of time. The commitment of management and staff at Barron's Supplements to providing customers in Limerick, Ireland and the UK with the widest possible choice in nutritious, healthy food and supplements, has sealed its reputation as one of the leading supplements providers. The comprehensive choice of products from the leading supplements brands at Barron's Supplements includes product from the renowned likes of Optimum Nutrition, MyProtein, BSN, Fulfil Nutrition and many more.

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