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GA Shaker Clever Shaker 700ml

The GA Shaker+ is an innovative multifunctional shaker with unique and unprecedented features.
These features offer additional value to any athlete in any gym worldwide.

  • MAGNETIC ADHESION: Want to stick your shaker on a fitness device while exercising? That’s no problem with the unique magnetical adhering function of GA Shaker+. You will never have to put your cup or bottle on the floor again or look for a free and safe space for it. You will never have to bend down. The GA Shaker+ can be fixed at eye level on any fitness device made of metal.
  • SMARTPHONE FIXTURE: Due to the built-in magnet and a provided metal plate which has to be placed in your mobile phone cover you can fix any smartphone on the GA Shaker+.
  • CARD SLOT: The GA Shaker+ provides an integrated card slot. Thanks to this feature you will never lose your membership card* while carrying it around on a necklace or in your pockets. Just put it in the slot of your cup and use it wherever needed without taking the card out again.
  • SELFIE STATION: As a very special highlight you can use the GA Shaker+ as a selfie station. Just fix the shaker with your mobile on the right place, use the self-timer mode and document your exercising without the help of others.
  • TOWEL HOLDER: Another useful and hygienic benefit is the towel holder function. You can place your towel** above the GA Shaker+ so you will never again have to put it on a dirty floor or device. GA Shaker+’s holding force is enormous – strong enough to additionally place your Bluetooth phones over it, too.
  • CARRY HANDLE: The carry handle is wide enough to carry the shaker with two fingers. You can also fix a karabiner and attach the shaker to your sports bag or belt.
  • SHAKER FUNCTION: The sieve of the GA Shaker+ has got a concave shape and processes all powders to creamy shakes without powder residues or lumps. The sieve is removable what makes the whole usage more practical and more hygienic.
  • MATERIALS: The GA Shaker+ is BPA free. The synthetic material provides long durability. It is odor resistant and dishwasher safe. The shaker is being developed and produced in premium quality – made in Germany. With 24,4cm in height and 10,8cm in width the GA Shaker+ has got a filling quantity of 1000ml.
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