Barebells White Chocolate Almond Box of 12 bars


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New to Barrons Supplements !!


We have been waiting for this one for AGESSSS!

WHITE CHOCOLATE ALMOND As delicious as it sounds, it is the perfect – and guilt-free - choice for everyone on the lookout for that extra protein fuel or when your taste buds want something really tasty. The bar is completely free from added sugars and is enriched with 20 grams of protein. White chocolate and almonds are a match made in heaven!

Nutrion Facts per 100 g (per 55 g) ENERGY1542 kJ (848 kJ)/369 kcal (203 kcal) FAT16 g (8,7 g), saturated fat 7,9 g (4,3 g) CARBOHYDRATE28 g (15 g), sugars 2,9 g (1,6 g) FIBER6,9 g (3,8 g) PROTEIN36 g (20 g) SALT0,46 g (0,25 g)


Ingredients: Milk protein, white chocolate (sweeteners: Maltitol, cocoa butter, milk powder, emulsifier (soy lecithins), flavoring), Humectant (glycerol), isomalto-oligosaccharides, collagen peptides, Water, Almond, Soy crisps (soy protein, Cocoa powder, tapioca startch), cocoa powder, milk chocolate (sweetner (maltitol), cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier (soy leclthin), flavouring), flavouring, salt, sweetner (sucralose, acesulfum K)

ALLERGEN INFO: May contain traces of egg, gluten, peanuts and other nuts.



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