Barebells Hazelnut & Nougat box of 12 bars

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Hazelnut & Nougat

Inspired by the Nordic nature and its high mountains, forests and crisp air we created the dreamiest chocolate dream ever. Hazelnut & Nougat - a protein bar where smooth milk chocolate meets hazelnuts and creamy nougat. Free from added sugar and somewhat addictive. It's nothing but wild, crazy and delicious. Just don't say we're dreaming?

Nutrion Facts per 100 g (per 55 g) Energy1557 kJ (856 kJ)/373 kcal (273 kcal) Fat17 g (9,4 g), saturated fat 7,4 g (4,1 g) Carbohydrate26 g (14 g), sugars 3,5 g (1,9 g) Fiber7,7 g (4,2 g) Protein36 g (20 g) Salt0,19 g (0,10 g)

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