Abs of Steel


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An advanced heat activated scientific formula designed to give the appearance of a razor sharp, rock hard core. Achieve the appearance of that v-taper, shredded six pack look, with 3-D abs that pop. Abs of Steel™ is your perfect workout partner to help give the appearance of the chiseled core you’ve worked so hard for.

WHAT IT DOES Reduces excess fat with proven active ingredients that provide rapid, noticeable results. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Advanced Scientific Formula Clinically Proven Ingredients Heat Activated Thermogenic Spot Fat Reduction Rapid Water Loss Designed for Men & Women PROVEN

INGREDIENTS CoAxel: Patented slimming active ingredient intended for the treatment of excess fat problems. Coenzyme A L-Carnitine: Induces a “One Way Fatty Acid Pump” to release fat cells. Caffeine: A lipolysis promoting agent, breaking down fat and other lipids. Bupleurum Root: G-Protein activation for tightening skin and reducing subcutaneous fat.

SCIENTIFIC PROOF CoAxel: Patented slimming active ingredient intended for the treatment of excess fat problems. Functions and Characteristics: CoAxel combines three active substances: L-Carnitine Caffeine Coenzyme A (CoA) derived from biotechnology Coenzyme A and L-Carnitine induce a “one-way fatty acid pump” effect by fueling mitochondrial respiratory chains with free fatty acids. Caffeine acts as a lipolysis promoting agent by prohibiting phosphodiesterase. Cosmetic Properties: CoAxel is a slimming active ingredient intended for the cosmetic remodeling of the silhouette and the treatment of excess fat problems. Coenzyme A activates fatty acid L-Carnitine transports fatty acid Caffeine controls the process via cyclic AMP Released Glycerol: Coenzmye A ( 4%) Caffeine ( 21%) Coenzyme A (CoA) and Caffeine ( 28%) CoAxel ( 50%)

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