Amino acids/ BCAA'S

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Along with protein, BCAAs or Branch Chain Amino Acids, to give them their full and unabbreviated name, form a crucial part of the dietary and nutritional intake of anyone who embarks on a new health and fitness regime, especially one in which strength training plays any significant part. Branch Chain Amino Acids make up just over a third of muscle mass in the body, and they also trigger the synthesis of protein that helps to build and retain muscle mass. The best amino acid supplements, which you'll find on the shelves at Barron's Supplements, are recommended when carbohydrates are low, so most often at the outset of a new fitness training programme, or during the ‘cutting’ phase of a weight-loss regime. They can be drunk during a cardio session, which helps to burn calories. Find out more about amino acid supplements at Barron's Supplements.

Find quality BCAA supplement products at Barron's Supplements

Barron's Supplements is a leading source in Ireland and the UK for BCAA supplement products. Nano BCAA is developed and manufactured according to the company's cutting edge NANO-SYN™ technology that provides up to five times faster and more effective absorption of active ingredients. Nano BCAA is a premium grade vegan BCAA supplement with zero sugar, fat or coloring. The company aims to provide users with the highest quality BCAA supplement free of artificial colours or ingredients, as well as bursting with a range of inspiring and scintillatingly refreshing flavours. Get the Nano BCAA experience at Barron's Supplements today.

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The BCAA drink products at Barron's could hardly be more exciting and inviting, for swift incorporation into your fitness regime and healthy lifestyle. Nano BCAA drink and BCAA powder products are available in a range of mouth-watering flavours, including peach ice tea, bubblegum, watermelon citrus, cucumber lime water, lime crush, super pear, wild berry and cotton candy cloud. This is a cutting edge range of flavours for a drink or BCAA powder range, pointing to the future of sports nutrition science.
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